Trio ERP

  • ...a full-blown, worldwide economic crisis, ever-increasing regula-tions and heightened global competition. But with every problem, in every downturn, there is opportunity – if you make the right decisions and make them quickly. To seize opportunities and get ahead of the competition, you need agile strategies, tools to enable proactive decision making and the ability to drive laser focus on the activities that are most likely to bring success

    Trio ERP is a meticulously architected standardized Enterprise resource planning software that is committed to make the functioning of SMEs simple and streamlined. Equipped with advanced intelligence, institutive technology, smart accounting, impeccable production planning and other tools for business improvement, Trio ERP provides actionable insights that enable better decision making.

    It is scalable, robust and efficient. It is an end-to-end business solutions that manages your entire business, right from the raising of a bill of requirement for raw-materials to the final invoicing of sales, it ties the entire business cycle into one seamless information and insight rich process.


    • End-to-end solution
    • Easy to use
    • Time Tracking
    • Insight and information rich
    • Lower downtime and easy installation – Plug and Play
    • Scalable and robust


    • Accounting and Finance
    • Production Planning
    • Business Intelligence & Reporting
    • Sales & Customer Management
    • Purchasing and Supplier Management
    • HR & Payroll
    • Inventory management & warehousing